Do you just wish it was easier to live your purpose?

Would you like more clarity and confidence?

Are you eager to THRIVE in Business?


If you answered YES, you are in the right place.

P1080855Many entrepreneurs start their business to be free of constraints, true to themselves and to make a difference in the world, but once on their own, they struggle with clarity of their purpose, confidence to sell themselves and ease in growing their business. This leads to self-doubt, struggle and frustration and they end up blocked or slowed down in achieving their vision, sometimes even thinking of giving it all up.

You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to do it alone, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; I’m here to help. 

 What statement describes best the phase your business is now in?

  1. I’m in transition from a full time corporate job or another business to my life’s purpose business;
  2. I’ve been my business full time for more than one year and I am looking to grow it and make it sustainable;
  3. My life’s purpose business is stable; I’m looking to create a supportive team, joint ventures and strategic alliances so I can expand my reach.

If you are in phase (a) transition, your focus needs to be in becoming really clear on who you are (your Authentic self), knowing your strengths and how to compensate for your weaknesses and setting up a business that matches your personality. To suceed it's important to have clarity of your purpose and to connect with your WHY, your reason for this business.

If you are in phase (b) growth, your focus needs to be in becoming really confident and Empowered. We do this as you learn to value and nurture yourself and take ownership of meeting your own needs.  To suceed it's important to have courage to follow your purpose despite your fears. We will discover how to present your business, your packages and prices so people who are meant to work with you will recognize this and work with you.

If you are in phase (c) expansion, your focus needs to be in finding more ease in your business and this means you becoming Connected. We do this as you learn the wisdom of your body and emotions, how to ask your higher power for business guidance and how to develop strategic relationships so you build a supportive team.

Purposeful entrepreneurs like you have a very important mission, to raise the consciousness of the planet so that love and peace prevails. My mission is to support you to thrive in business while following your purpose so you stay committed to your work. Over the years working with many entrepreneurs I’ve developed curriculum and strategies to do so. As a result I founded the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy TM to teach a way to THRIVE in Business through personal transformation, sound business management strategies and spiritual healing. I believe there is a path to enlightenment through entrepreneurship. This happens when we follow our purpose, learn from the feedback we receive from our business, transcend any limitations that inherently show up when we step out of our comfort zone and, as a result, THRIVE.


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Would you like to find more clarity, confidence and ease to THRIVE in Business while following your purpose?

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Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

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